About Us

HighviewIncorporated in 2006 as a non-profit corporation, the genesis of the group came from two community events:

Several business owners saw the wisdom in bringing attention to the Fegenbush corridor and the Highview business community in general. Metro Councilman James Peden provided encouragement and the resources of his office to help this group get established and grow.

With a first official meeting in January of 2006 a small core group started working on developing articles of incorporation and by-laws. By June the process was complete.

In its first year the group held monthly meetings encouraging business owners to attend and discuss marketing strategies and ways to promote the business environment of the community. Both community events grew. The summer festival became an annual Fall Festival presented mainly by Valumarket and the holiday carriage rides down Fegenbush evolved into the Highview Holiday Festival that now takes place at the Central Government Center and Highview Park on the Outer Loop.

Attractive banners have been procured and hung throughout the community to heighten awareness of Highview as well. From just a small handful of dedicated business people, the Highview Business Association now boasts a growing membership and continues to grow to this day.

The support of, and resources of the office of Councilman James Peden has been and continues to be instrumental in the continued success of this endeavor.